Little Giant Comics
Old School Comic Show
- April 5, 2025 -

Our 2024 Family Reunion was LEGENDARY!

Jim Steranko, Mark Bagley, David Michelinie, Al Milgrom, Jim Shooter, Sam de la Rosa, Mike Royer, Spider-Man & many more showed up and made the Everett Arena in Concord, NH the place to be on April 13, 2024!!
Also, the best vendors in the industry converged on the 28,000 sq ft arena and brought some amazing wall books and stocked dollar bins! Make sure to mark your calendar now as 2025 is going to be even more GIANT! Happening on April 5, 2025!

The floor of the 2024 show is packed with true believers searching for their grails.

What is an "Old School" Comic Show?

Do you remember real COMIC BOOK shows from back in the day? With nothing but COMIC BOOKS and COMIC BOOK ARTISTS as far as the eye could see? Nothing to get in the way of the thrill of the hunt? No Movie Stars, or Wrestlers or Sports stars. Don't get us wrong, we love a good POP CULTURE CON, but we prefer not to have to navigate through FAKE LEGOS, Tables of T-Shirts & Flea Market Fodder to get to our COMIC BOOKS! We just want COMIC BOOKS, COMIC BOOK ART & COMIC BOOK ARTISTS! Also, we think it's high time that the COMIC ARTIST gets top billing... They're the ones who've created this culture we love so much! This show is about them and the magic they create!

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